Graphite Loaded Sintered Silicon Carbide(SJP-SG)

The fine particles α-SiC, additives and graphite grain are processed to form granulation powder, then processed into blank. Through the sintering temperature control, the α-SiC crystal growth is controlled in a vacuum sintering furnace at 2100℃ and the graphite grain is uniformly distributed in the material to form high-density silicon carbide material with the characteristic of high self lubrication.
Material performance:
The graphite particles increase the self lubrication of the material, the material has the characteristics of high hardness, low friction coefficient, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity, strong anti oxidation, etc.
Working conditions:
It's suitable for general and special working conditions of mechanical seal, such as high temperature, high speed, high pressure, strong acid and alkali, strong corrosion, instant dry friction, half dry friction, etc.
Application fields:
Mechanical seal, pump, bearing, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, ships, power, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, new energy, etc.
Microstructure at 200X magnification in randomly selected area


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