General Manager
Qingyang Zheng, the second-generation leader of Joint Power, joined the enterprise in 2009 and served in different departments. He worked as Draftsman, Workshop Manager, Production Manager, and Deputy General Manager and has accumulated rich experience in on-site production management and team leadership. In 2019, he officially took over the position of General Manager, focusing on the cultivation of talents, silicon carbide R&D and production while enhancing Delicacy Management of quality control and actively integrating healthy and sustainable business philosophy into the enterprise.
R & D team
Equiped with supporting R&D and testing equipment, our R&D team has been focusing on R&D of high performance silicon carbide materials with complete R&D management process. Our silicon carbide materials can be customized according to customer's requirements to help customers solve the material issue in its specific working condition.
Production management team
Equiped with complete silicon carbide production lines, our production team has accumulcated rich production experience in the past 21 years with the rigorous processing procedures to ensure the smoothness and stability of the silicon carbide material preparation process & the production of the customized product. Our quick response mechanism of production can meet the customer's urgent needs at the very first time.
Sales & customer service team
Our sales and after sales team have accumulated rich experience in global service and silicon carbide products service and fully understand the customers' requirements for both material properties and product drawing and are able to recommend the most suitable silicon carbide material and corresponding optimal solution according to specific working condition of mechanical seal to help customers save cost of time and procurement.
Quality management team
Equiped with its own measuring tool calibration room and various test equipment, our quality team are trained well for excellent quality inspection capability and quality control management capability, monitoring and record keeping of product production from raw materials to finished products to ensure product quality stability and traceability. The quality team conducts strict quality control process to meet customers' quality need through continuous improvement and good quality management system.
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