Silicon carbide seal rings

   Silicon carbide seal ring is the friction pair material of mechanical seal. The silicon carbide primary ring and mating ring are the critical components of mechanical seal. The right selection of material can improve the performance, service time and stable operation of mechanical seal.
  Application fields: mechanical seal, pump, bearing, petroleum, chemical industry, automobiles, ships, power, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, new energy, etc.
  Working conditions: It's suitable for general and special working conditions of mechanical seal, such as high temperature, high speed, high pressure, strong corrosion, strong acid and alkali, half dry friction, instant dry friction, etc.

Product customization service

  Help customers choose the most suitable silicon carbide material according to the working condition of mechanical seal.
  Manufacture silicon carbide seal ring according to the product drawing of customers.
  Ensure the delivery date is accurate through the evaluation of order requirements from customers.
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